Male Contraceptive Pills Are Coming Soon

By: Jovillene Datu

Male birth control options are becoming prevalent. The University of Utah’s Health announced that scientists are testing a new form of birth control for men – a hormonal gel that decreases a man’s sperm production. A shot is also another form of birth control that is well underway in its path to the mainstream.

The frug band name is Nestrone, which is made from a combination of progesterone hormone suppresses sperm counts. In a way it is believed to be reversible, however “progestin also suppresses vital testosterone, which must be supplemented in the gel to counter side effects,”  according to a statement  by Desert Nurse. 

Males participating in the study will rub the gel on their arms and shoulders for up to 20 weeks and researchers will measure their sperm counts on 31 separate occasions. Research is not only taking into account the tester’s sperm count, they are also measuring the men’s competence.

Scientists have done test trials on mice, which have no side effects, but many male contraceptives have previously failed on human trials. The lack of “The Pill” for men places a burden of responsibility on women, who often have to manage the side effects of contraceptives. 

There are 2 major side effects of male Birth control are acne and mood swings. That is 20 percent of  the side effects of women’s birth control. The human clinical trials will begin in the third or fourth quarters of this year, according to the American Chemical Society. If it’s effective for humans it could be up to 5 years before the pill hits the market.

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