BTS and HYBE Entertainment Make The Recent Cover Of Time Magazine

By: Jovillene Datu

South Korea’s ‘HYBE Entertainment, known for managing the world’s most famous boy group, ‘BTS’ is one of the 100 most influential companies of 2022 in Time magazine,  along with Apple, Rivian, Peizer, Disney, Tiktok, and many more. The BTS members and the chairman Bang Si-hyuk of Hype Entertainment pose in their neutral-colored suits. 

The company was established back in 2005 as Big Hit Entertainment and started off small as a record label group, then launching their first group ‘BTS’ gave them a lot of recognition. At first, they didn’t receive any recognition, but after a long time of hard work, they became the most famous K-pop Idols around the world setting numerous records and winning tons of rewards. On April 1, 2021, Big Hit officially renamed their company’s name HYBE. 

For the last 2 weekends, BTS will play concerts to sold-out audiences in the city of Las Vegas, filling the whole stadium with tens of thousands of passionate fans. HYBE entertainment posted publicly on the Korean Exchange, “valued at $9.5 billion today.”  While BTS takes the stage in Vegas, HYBE will also host auditions, on the hunt for the next generation of stars. Chainman Bang stated that HYBE’s “vision is to become the world’s Leading entertainment lifestyle platform, with music as our foundation.” 

BTS also received entertainer of the year and had a page dedicated to the members. The photo consists of the members standing in their suits on an orange and white gradient background. BTS has also won the best pop group for the third year in a row, and best pop song for their chart-topping dance anthem, ‘Butter.”  Each member of the group reposted their celebration on Instagram. 

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