Major Trade-Ups During MLB Preseason

By: Dominic Hernandez

What could be the difference of a world series ring, game changing decisions during MLB preseason trading are infamous for shocking fans. MLB trades are a time for teams for players to be traded from one team to another. This article will provide major trade-ups involving the shortstop Carlos Correa and Craig Kimbrie, now one of the closer pitchers in the Dodgers. Starting with player Corey Seager jersey number five, he is now the Texas Rangers shortstop, previously with the LA Dodgers. 

Another player joining the Texas Rangers is Marcus Semien jersey number two, his position is shortstop and previously with the Chicago White Sox. Now new to the roster for the Boston Red Sox is Trevor Story, his jersey number is ten, his position is shortstop. The team he was traded from is the Colorado Rockies. Next is Max Scherzer, now pitching for the New York Mets in jersey twenty one. Before becoming a New York Met he was a Washington National. Carlos Correa jersey number four for the Minnesota Twins. He is the shortstop for the Twins and was previously on the Houston Astros. Matt Olson jersey number twenty eight, is now on the Atlanta Braves and was with the Oakland Athletics. 

 Last two are Freddie Freeman and Javier Baez. Freddie Freeman is on the Los Angeles Dodgers wearing jersey number five, previously being on the Atlanta Braves as the first baseman. Javier Baez is now on the Detroit Tigers representing the jersey number 28. He is the shortstop and previously on the Chicago Cubs.

Many of the trades that took place during the preseason shocked fans and upset many. Different franchises have chosen to either trade their whole roster and start fresh with minor leaguers or keep their faithful line-ups from last season. These decisions can prove detrimental or miraculous, it’s all up to how the team wants to head into the new (shortened) season. 

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