What to do After Highschool

By: Tara Thompson


Are you a stressed out senior trying to figure out what to do after high school? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go straight to college or even go at all. You can take a gap year to travel or get a job to save up money. You can go to community college and transfer to a four year or University to save some money. You can join the military or the marines to get out of going to college or just enlist because you want to. You could always end up taking a gap year to explore careers and find things you want to do when you go to college or you could just decide you don’t want to go to college at all and that’s fine. The possibilities are endless, anything you do will alter the course of your life.

But you shouldn’t feel pressured to go to college when you don’t want to. Maybe it’s what your parents want you to do but you should be living your life, not theirs. There are a lot of jobs you can get with only a high school diploma, sure most of them are retail but content creation has been on the rise. If you have a good sense of humor and personality it’s highly possible for you to put yourself out there and make a small audience that supports you, and believe it or not content creators make more money than most jobs. Take control over your life, but have a rough idea of what you want to do or else you will just be mindless wandering through life taking any job opportunity you can get whether you like it or not.

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