Latin Pop Sensation Bad Bunny Releases His Fourth Studio Album “Una Verano Sin Ti” (“A Summer Without You”)

BY Yzora Lopez

  Last Friday, Puerto Rican pop sensation, Bad Bunny, released what is his fourth studio album. 

The star has recently been busy, with being invited to and attending the Met, being casted as the lead in a live-action Marvel movie, and filming music videos in his homeland of Puerto Rico. 

      Since the 28 year old’s debut in the industry, the star has become unstoppable in combining genres like pop punk, synth pop, bachata, dembow, and reggaeton. 

In 2020, the singer had become the first to make a fully Spanish-language album hit No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart, with his “El Último Tour Del Mundo.” 

In an interview with New York Times, the artist said, “Since forever I’ve made it clear to people that I’m never going to make a record that’s the same as another.” He continued to say, “I could have done a track with Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry,” referring to his 2020 album, “But no I was making ‘Safaera’ with Nengo FLow and Jowell y Randy. And I was putting the whole world onto underground from Puerto Rico, you know? That makes me feel proud of what I represent.”    

        With “Un Verano Sin Ti,” the artist approached it with a bit of delicacy and lightness, saying, “It’s a record to play in the Summer, on the beach, as a playlist.” 

During the interview, the Latin artist dove deeper into the inspiration drawing back to his childhood, explaining, “When I was a little kid, my family would go to the West on vacation,” referring to the West of Puerto Rico. 

      He added that the majority of the album was recorded and worked on near Rio Grande and Fajardo, along with the Dominican Republic. 

Within the album, Bad bunny collaborated with artists that consist of The Marias, Bomba Estero, and Chencho Corleone.

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