Athlete of the Issue: Simeon Harris

By Adrian Jacobs

Simeon Harris is one of three Benicia High School (BHS) football players signed to play Division I football starting in Fall of 2022. Harris is committed to the University of Colorado Boulder and currently plays defensive end (DE) for Benicia High. 

Ever since the age of five, when he played for the Vallejo Junior Jaguars, Harris has loved every second of playing football. Traveling to Florida, Arizona, Seattle, and Las Vegas he was not only able to improve his abilities as an all-around athlete, but also expand his passion for the sport. With his outstanding speed, impressive hands, and killer mindset, he’s ready to take down anyone that’s in his way. Harris stands out above all others. 

After playing on Jesse Bethel his freshman and sophomore years, Harris transferred to BHS to join their football team and add an extra weapon to the Panthers’ arsenal. He led the group with a whopping twelve touchdowns. When asked to describe his high school experience, Simeon said, “It was really fun and it taught me to keep my composure and not give up when you’re losing.The Benicia Panthers had a notable 9-4 record last season, making it to the third round in the North Coast Section Playoffs. 

Simeon is ready for the next level. He’s getting faster and stronger day in and day out by running track and lifting weights in order to prepare for his college football career. Driven by passion and the desire to win in everything, Harris is devoted to making the Colorado Buffaloes one of the best teams in the NCAA.

In his words of advice for the next generation, Harris suggested, “For any kids wanting to play college football, I would advise you to stay humble and play with passion and last but not least make your family proud.” 

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