Your Majors Suck

By Gwendolyne Chambers

College, a time of furthering your education to a mind numbing degree. Your poor choices affecting your future, however, what many people don’t consider is that one of those poor choices can be their major. Issues with majors have lasted for forever but here are a few that can and will ruin your future. 

  1. Nursing

You decided to spend your time learning everything that doctors learn only to get paid less and earn less recognition. How do you feel about yourself? 

  1. Engineering

How does it feel to be the burnt out gifted kid? 

  1. Education

Do you hate yourself? 

  1. English Literature

Where do I even begin? You spend four years of your life, a “prime time” of it too as the old folks say. So why? Why spend it on a degree that you will do absolutely nothing with other than spending the first three years reading the same short stories. 

  1. Journalism

Everything in English but add a dash of ADHD and caffeine addiction.   

That’s everything, check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

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