Kendrick Lamar Fires Out An Album After 5 Years

By Stanley Bui

Kendrick Lamar dropped an album on May 15, 2022. It’s a special album because it’s been too long since he last released an album, which was back in 2017. Many people hyped his new album while patiently waiting on his return to being an artist who has the potential to break the internet with next-level songs.

Lamar doesn’t just drop albums and wait for another few years just to make another one. He actually puts in a story and expresses his life into the songs that he makes, showing that he puts in a lot of time and effort to think through the lyrics of his songs and make an entire timeline about his life from one song to another. 

Each song has its own part of Kendrick’s personality in it because he really wants to show his fans and the entire world what he’s been through and using his morality as the baseline of the entire album. For example, Kendrick’s first song on the album is called ‘Untitled Grief’, what this song represents is him talking to his therapist about his sorrow and grief behind everything.

Kendrick truly thinks about what he writes to tell a story and has a genuine passion of expressing his feelings towards writing lyrics.

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