Apex Releases a New Season and a New Mobile Game

By Nicolas Wright

Ever since its release, Apex Legends has been a very popular game in the Battle Royale Genre. Owners of consoles and PCs were able to download and play the game for free ever since February 4th of 2019. On May 17th, Apex Legends released a mobile version of their game that can be downloaded via Google Play Store (for Android users) and the app store (for Iphone users). Like the console version, players have the option to play the Battle Royale game mode or Arenas with Ranked Battle Royal which has just been released. Players can also join or make a club with friends just like the console version. 

Once players reach level ten, players have the option to play Team Deathmatch, a standard gamemode in the popular first-person-shooter (FPS) games which is specific to the mobile version. Also specific to the mobile version, is a new playable legend named Fade, who can be compared to Tracer from Overwatch as they share a similar ability. As of today, there has been no mention or plan to bring Fade into the console/pc version of the game which makes him only playable on the mobile version.

Console and PC players didn’t lose out on content, however as Season 13 was released, Newcastle is the newest legend that has been added along with a map update. to the most recent map that was released, Storm Point. In some not so good news, the ranked mode has been reworked. Bronze players now lose ranked points, and the higher ranks lose more points, while participating in the ranked mode. 

Although it hasn’t been long since season 13 was released, the newest season of Apex is showing itself as the hardest season for ranked players; but its mobile game should bring more entertainment for both casual and ranked players. Good luck to those who play the game and to those who want to try Apex.

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