Fun Vacation Spots For Your Summer!

By Gwendolyne Chambers

As we all know, Summer is a warm time here in California. Summer is the time for a vacation. Whether you want to get far far away from, or closer, to the heat it brings. 

  1. Yosemite

National parks are always a hit! Especially with the high amounts of people here and bears! Speaking of, don’t be scared to say hello to any wild animals there, especially babies.

  1. Anaheim 

If the heat is something you love, Anaheim is a great place to go! Close to Hollywood and Disneyland so you’ll find little to no tourists! Especially around convention time.

  1. Vallejo

With little to no crime along with an amusement park, Vallejo is a wonderful place to visit for a Summer vacation. 

  1. Santa Cruz

Massive waves, lots of people, tons of sharks, what could go wrong? 

  1. Mt. Everest

If the heat is too much for you, why not a two week hike up the highest mountain in the world?

Vacations are a difficult thing to plan, but hopefully this helps you get out of your rut of choosing where to go and you can enjoy your summer vacation!

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