Small Music Artists To Add To All Your Playlists

By Comet Ziemer

Need more musicians to flood your playlists? Here are some recommendations that anyone would love!

With so many musicians standing in the spotlight, it can be hard to see the smaller music artists that create amazing music with little to no recognition. But do not worry! Articles like this are here to help spice up your playlist and support lesser known artists!

  1. Carpetgarden

Carpetgarden is a California based artist who is known for their bedroom indie pop and pop punk songs. They first became known when they released a cover of “Savana Sabertooth” by OH! Hello’s on their Youtube channel in 2017. 

Since then, they have launched their own music career and released 2 albums, an Extended Play Record (or EP), and tons of singles, their most recent being their song “mold”. Their songs cover queer relationships, mental health, and family issues.

  1. Addison Grace

Addison Grace is a musician who first became known on the social media app Tiktok. He is known for his indie pop, and pop music that covers LGBTQ+ topics and mental health. 

Their debut single, Sugar Rush, was released in August 2020. The song talked about how they had a crush on a friend of theirs, but had to keep their feelings secret because the friend was straight. Their other song “I Wanna Be A Boy” was released in January 2022. The song talked about the singer’s identity as a trans person, and ended up acting as a gateway for the artist to come out as Non-Binary, and using he/they pronouns. 

Addison has now been on multiple tours and released their new EP “Immaturing” in May 2022.

  1. Baby Queen

Baby Queen, also known as Arabella Latham, is an artist that originated in South Africa and is based in London. She moved to the UK in 2016 when she was 18 to pursue music. 

Latham’s debut mix-tape was released in September 2021 titled “The Yearbook.” Her pop punk sound has given birth to multiple songs that have become popular with Gen Z teenagers. She is more recently known for her song “Colors of You.” It was an original song made for the graphic novel turned Netflix series “Heartstopper.” 

Her songs cover topics of romance, mental health, and the hard struggles that come with being a teenager.

  1. Mad Tsai

Mad Tsai is a singer songwriter who originally hit the radar posting videos on Tiktok. Tsai began to upload short videos of him singing original songs and his career was born from there.

He released his debut solo single in December 2020 titled “Boy Bi.” The song covered Tsai and his identity as a bisexual man. Since then, Tsai has continued to release many hit songs since his career started. His newest song “Killer Queen” released in early 2022.

Tsai’s songs cover topics of romance, heartbreak, mental health, bullying, and being LGBTQ+. His pop music sound continues to be a hit with his fans and across social media platforms. 

No matter what your music taste is, it is important to always find smaller artists to support. You never know how much adding a song to a playlist, or recommending someone a song can affect a musician’s whole career. And with how hard it can be to stay in the spotlight of relevance, it can mean a lot to someone to support them in any way you can.

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