Should the Chainsaw Massacre Franchise Continue With movies?

By Corey Bennett  

As most people know, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has multiple movies, but should there be so many? All of these movies have been known for their brutal killings and endless story of one person trying to kill another and people getting in the way.  While these movies have been good, was the release of the 2022 film on Netflix just as good as the old ones? 

As someone who has seen the movie three times now, I can say that the Texas Chainsaw movies are repetitive. In all of the movies they all have the same idea, same conflict, they never seem to try and change it. They all have just the right amount of gore to make you cringe watching it, yet leave you still intrigued and wanting to watch more of it at the same time. As of now, horror movies are moving far away from physiological horror to more of a gore type, with lots of blood and lots of torture. But is this gore ruining the horror movie industry? Should we try and move back into the psychological horror genre? 

This answer simply  depends on the type of person that you are and what you tend to be afraid of. People majority of the time watch horror movies so that they can get that adrenaline rush without doing anything insane and risking their lives. Now in regards to these two genres of horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies have never been psychological and have always been heavy gore with lots of violence and blood with Leatherface’s legendary chainsaw. However, these movies do always have that hint of fear, knowing that something is about to happen when you hear from the distance a chainsaw starting up and gradually coming towards you. 

These movies have all been pretty much the exact same without even changing the title, notice that this one is called Texas Chainsaw Massacre? That is the exact same title of the 1974 movie which had the same main characters of a bunch of teenagers going into a town, then slowly finding out about Leatherface, before reaching their demise. However, this movie that Netflix released recently was actually meant to be a direct sequel to the original one made in 1974. So why make all of those other movies? What was the purpose of those movies if they skipped straight from 1974 to 2022?

I think that to truly understand why there are so many of these movies we should go back to why these movies were even made in the first place, and whether or not they were based on a true story. For everyone’s peace of mind, there is no maniac welding around a chainsaw sawing people in half while wearing someone else’s face as a mask. However, there was a serial killer that this character was based off of and his name was Ed Gein, better known as the “Butcher of Plainfield”. Not only were the stories of this man terrifying, but just what he did to his victims is scary enough, and would be better than the whole story of Leatherface. But what is it exactly that he did that was so scary? According to an article written on it said, though we do not know how many people he actually had killed; police found 40 bodies in his home. He was soon after sent to a mental hospital and that was where he stayed till he died in 1984 at the age of 77.

Leatherface is a lot like Ed Gein in many ways, not only did he take the face off of his victims and wear them, he also killed many people. In the entirety of the Texas Chainsaw movies, he was responsible for 31 of these murders. Because of these mass killings and the idea of this story being real, it instills a lot of fear. But now back to the question: should they continue this series and should they have made so many of these movies? 

To answer the first question, yes they should make more. I would love to see this series continue. However, I feel like they should add more psychological horror and maybe just a little bit less of the gore. The second question should be obvious because why did we need all of those small little filler movies in between the two main movies? It makes watching those movies worthless and all of the work they put into those movies pretty much worthless. 

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