Taylor Swift Makes a Shocking VMAs Announcement

By Paige Duane

Up until her arrival at the VMAs on August 28, many were skeptical of whether Taylor Swift would show up to the event. Since the rerecording of her 2012 album Red, the singer had announced no new projects and made very few public appearances. The possibility of her attending the award show was only hinted at by MTV social media accounts, without any confirmation from the artist herself. When she did, fans around the world were thrilled to see her in attendance. However, no one could have predicted Swift’s next move for the evening.

Upon winning a record breaking third award for video of the year, Swift took to the podium for her acceptance and delivered earth shattering news: a new album is coming. Midnights by Taylor Swift is set to be released on October 21, 2022.

So what can be expected with this new addition to her repertoire?

According to a post on the singer’s instagram, the album is a “journey through terrors and sweet dreams”. An exploration of her own fears, turmoil, and self-discovery, her songs will detail the stories of thirteen sleepless nights throughout her career within each of her new songs. Swift hopes that her new music will provide solace to all those who like her, are trapped within “self-made cages” and agonize over making “some fateful life altering mistake”.

Hopefully, more information will be provided by her team as the release date approaches. As of now, little is known about the album outside of the title and a vague description of its content published on Swift’s social media. Not even the genre has been announced yet, so whether she will continue to use the folksy music of Folklore and Evermore, make a return to the pop sounds of previous albums, or pivot into something entirely new is unclear. One thing that is for certain is that it is one of the most anticipated music releases of the year.

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