A New Generation of News

By Matthew Selman

American news has become so toxic and unreliable that it has come to the point that blatant lies can become the truth if enough people listen. News companies are highlighting all of the atrocities that happen across the nation, and leaving out the good. People are becoming accustomed to seeing Americans gunned down in a grocery store, or school shootings. The media is extremely powerful and can control any narrative it wants, many sources will find the craziest story that will generate clicks in order to make money. In January of 2021, three friends saw the opportunity to report real news, and hit a targeted audience. They were fed up with the inconsistencies news companies were making when it came to reporting factual, unbiased information. They wanted to start reporting on what is really happening in the world, and keep people entertained all in one place. 

The development of technology has changed forms of news from paper, to TV, to social accounts that you can follow to stay up to date on the news. In this day and age, people see more information scrolling through social media than they would watching cable news. As we progress into a social media and technological frenzy, news companies need to rethink their game plan if they want to keep their clicks high. People don’t want to have to sit down for an hour to get up to date on the horrors of the world. 

Especially since the last election, there has been a massive divide between news companies reporting,”democratic” or, “republican” stories.That is where Roca comes in, RocaNews saw the false headlines and biased remarks coming from all of our once trusted resources. There was real news to report, real headlines that the American people, all people for that matter, needed to see. The founders at Roca wanted to start something new, the average attention span for Americans is not long, and it’s only getting worse. The people writers at Roca make what they call, “Quick Cards” every day, with four topics on the most important news, with no bias. Not only is there no bias, there’s humor. Each topic has a meme, luring the reader in. Under the meme are bullet points telling the observer the main information that needs to be known. There is no opinion attached, it is brief and to the point, giving the reader new details to a particular story. 

This new form of news can change the younger generation’s thoughts of news companies. The past decade has been flooded with misinformation and the young adults are beginning to disregard getting information about the world, simply because it is unreliable. Big media companies no longer broadcast news to benefit the public, it is broadcasted to generate money. Roca hopes to be the trailblazer to a new generation of news. By keeping topics brief and to the point, they are delivering people the news they NEED to hear, not the news that will cause controversy and division. The attention span in the United States is incredibly low, and only going to get lower. Engaging news stories with an interesting image and six quick bullet points is the best way to get society to stay up to date on events around the world. 

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