Looking For a Tiger, Found an Alligator, Drugs, Guns, and Money Instead 

By Kelly Bjornstad 

Earlier this month in Albuquerque, Mexico, Law enforcement continues to look for a one year old tiger cub that has been illegally kept as a pet. The cub was seized in a raid on two homes. And when taken, the tiger cub was said to be just under a year old and a little less than 60 pounds. But A tiger can grow to reach 600 pounds, and department investigators stress the danger of this 30-60 pound cub growing into its full potential. To have a very large, possibly violent meat eater roaming the streets isn’t exactly ideal for public safety.

Not only are people concerned about public safety, but also the conditions the tiger is being held in. Anchor Sasha Lenninger from KOAT 7 news reports “The department says exotic animals being held illegally are often in very poor condition due to the lack of proper care. It is illegal to possess or import wildlife or exotic species in New Mexico without a proper permit.” And this is a “Group 4” Species, meaning only a zoo has the permit to possess the animal.

But when looking for the tiger cub, authorities ran into something even more unexpected. A live 3 foot long alligator along with mass amounts of drugs, guns, and cash were found on a search warrant conducted on September 12th. To be exact; 2 pounds of heroin, 10.5 grams of cocaine, 49 pounds of marijuana, Fentanyl and Xanax pills, 17 rifles and pistols (an AK-47 rifle and AR-15 rifle included), and to top it all off- around 42,000 dollars. As for the alligator, it was taken to a wildlife facility where it could reside until further notice. And for the substances and weapons found by conservation officers and federal, state and local police, 26 year old Carlos Giddins was arrested for his possession of such goods.

The tiger remains lost though, and officials are still in pursuit of this cub in captivity.

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