Journalist Murdered by Politician

By Lawson Murphy

On September 3, 2022, veteran Las Vegas journalist, Jeff German, was murdered in front of his home. Prior to his death, he had been reporting on politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. 

More recently in these past two weeks he reported on politician Robert Telles, a democratic representative. These reports took an averse stance on the representative, discussing his faults as a politician. Based on what would later occur Telles did not appreciate that and reacted erratically to the criticism.

A car belonging to Telles’ wife was discovered on cameras outside of German’s home. It is presumed that Telle was using the car to scout out the place before he would enter and commit the act, making it a first degree murder. Additionally, the car was there for the entire duration of the heinous act presenting clear evidence against Telles.

After the investigation, police discovered Telle’s DNA under Germans fingernails and at the scene of the crime. Shown by cameras around the house, the suspect was a man with an orange shirt and a straw hat. Coincidentally in Telles’ home there was an exact match of the shirt and cut straw hat. Telle may have attempted to hide evidence by cutting off pieces of clothing. There were also shoes found in Telles’ home that had German’s blood on them.

When the police took Telles into custody he had “self inflicted wounds” on his arms and had to be brought in on a gurney. All evidence thus far clearly indicates Telles as the murderer. Very rarely are journalists murdered by the people they report on, so its a big deal when something like this happens.

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