Body Parts Found in Suitcases!

By Lawson Murphy

Last month in New Zealand, the bodies of two children were found in suitcases in a storage locker. The bodies were identified as 7 and 10 year old children belonging to a woman who is yet to be named. They were identified by the items with them in the storage locker which was auctioned off. 

The bodies were estimated to be in there for at least four years, if not longer. In the investigation the police figured out who the mother was and in their efforts to find her, they discovered she was in an entirely different country. She had fled to South Korea several years prior. 

It is assumed that shortly after the murders of her two children she fled the country in the event that the authorities would find out. After she was discovered, she was promptly arrested in South Korea and is awaiting transfer back to New Zealand. 

After examination, it was found that the children had been dead for a number of years before they were placed in the suitcases. The reason why the children have been murdered is unknown, but in the coming weeks and months we hope that there’s an explanation as to why she did this.

Authorities in South Korea caught and detained her almost immediately after learning of her crimes. This was a great show of professionalism from the authorities of both South Korea and New Zealand with their communication in the matter to catch the killer.

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