Which Local Pool is Right For You?

By Staff

Swimming is a great way to exercise or even just cool down on a hot day. Benicia residents are very fortunate to be located by several swimming pools, including the James Lemos Swim Center, the Cunningham Aquatic Complex, and the South Hampton Swim Club. However, each of these pools cater to different needs. It is important to research each location so that you can be sure that your swim experience suits your personal needs. 

If you are looking for a small, family friendly pool, then South Hampton Swim Center may be the best option. Featuring a kiddie pool, diving board, and a grassy area perfect for recreational activities, the South Hampton Swim Club has plenty of amenities that make it worthwhile to members. However, the main pool itself is on the compact side, making it not ideal for lap swimming. Additionally, it is very difficult to obtain a membership for this pool as the waiting list is quite extensive. 

The Cunningham Aquatic Complex places a greater emphasis on their lap swim program. Offering lap swim seven days a week, it has a variety of lanes open to the public. Unfortunately, a lot of space is taken up by activities such as senior water exercise and swim team, so only 4-7 lanes are available during its busier hours. It also has no rec pool, meaning that if you are looking for a fun afternoon of hanging out with friends or family at the pool, this may not be the best option for you.

James Lemos by contrast reserves over half of its olympic pool for lap swimmers. It also has a rec and baby pool, which are fun for families with children of all ages. The staff works hard to make it a fun filled environment for every attendee. Its online ratings reflect this, boasting an average online rating of 4.7 stars, a higher score than either of the previously listed pools which are ranked 4.2 and 4.5 respectively.

When picking a pool to purchase a membership at, it is crucial to take into account your desires in a swimming environment. That’s why it is important to research what different pools in your area offer. At the end of the day, swimming is supposed to be fun and by selecting a pool that caters to your needs, you can have the most enjoyable experience.

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