Arcane Review of Season 1 and 2

By Hannah Lozada

The animated science fantasy series, Arcane, was one of the most original shows featured on Netflix. It currently has one season to watch, that includes 9 episodes, every episode being about 40-45 minutes long. Christian Linke and Alex Yee were inspired to create the series from Riot Games’ League of Legends. This allowed the show to receive lots of positive feedback from fans and critics. Arcane would make its debut on November 6, 2021, which was the release date for the first episode. Since its release, the show has been rewarded with an Emmy in 2022. Arcane earned this award for being an, “Outstanding Animated Show.” 

The show revolves around Vi and Powder, who are sisters. Their world is divided by the wealthy city of Piltover, and the oppressed nation of Zaun. Both of these cities receive tension after Hextech is created. Hextech is a magical energy that can be manipulated by anybody. It could be deemed dangerous if it got into the wrong hands. 

The antagonist, Silco, wants to claim Hextech for his own personal gain. However, he settles on creating a drug called Shimmer, which mutates humans and turns them into monsters. Shimmer is released in Piltover and Zaun, and this causes thousands of people to become addicted to it. In the later episodes, Vi destroys one of Silco’s Shimmer factories. She states that if she destroys the machines, it will cause people to go against Silco. 

The rivalry between the cities increases. Vi and Powder had an argument because Powder made a building explode, which killed their caretaker, Vander, as well as their friends. Vi and Powder were the only surviving victims out of their entire family. When the sisters got out of the wreckage, Vi called her a Jinx, and slapped her on the face. Then, Vi angrily retreated into a tunnel, and soon realized that Silco was approaching Powder. Vi immediately ran towards her sister, afraid of what Silco might do to her. However, she was sedated by an enforcer, who locked her up in jail for about 10 years. It causes Vi and Powder to be separated from each other for nearly 10 years. 

Why was Vi locked up for 10 years? Vi, Powder, Mylo, and Claggor (Vi and Powder’s adopted siblings) accidentally blew up a researcher’s building in Piltover. This caused them to get in serious trouble, and increased their risk of being arrested forever. Vandar (The caretaker and Dad of the 4 children) was originally going to go to jail so that he could protect his kids. However, since Vandar died, that leaves Vi to serve the time for her and her siblings’ crimes.

When Vi abandoned Powder, she was confronted by Silco, who was initially about to kill her. However, Powder charged towards Silco and hugged him tightly, causing Silco to feel empathy for Powder. Powder (Now called Jinx) sided with Silco, who influenced her to do bad things for him. Jinx was manipulated to think that Vi abandoned her forever, and that she died. Jinx would continue to kill people, damage property, and steal from Piltover, until she hears that Vi could possibly be looking for her. 

Vi was released from prison after an enforcer named Caitlyn freed her. Caitlyn is an investigator who collected evidence about Jinx’s crimes, however, Caitlyn has no clue who committed the crimes. When Caitlyn interrogated Vi, she said that it could be Silco committing the crimes. Vi also says that Silco is in Zaun, and Caitlyn gets confident that she can catch Silco. Vi laughs at Caitlyn because anyone in the Undercity, including Silco, could potentially kill her in one second. Caitlyn feels desperate to solve the case, so she frees Vi from prison so that she can help her. Caitlyn intends on gaining evidence and information from Vi’s guidance, while Vi plans on finding Powder again. 

The show shows a lot of thrill and action, which makes each episode very interesting. The quality of the show causes fans to beg for season 2 to be released as soon as possible. Nicole Laurent, the CEO of Riot Games, says that they are working on the season 2 of arcane. The good thing is that viewers don’t have to wait 6 years for season 2. The bad news is that it’s not going to be released until 2023 or 2024. 

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