The Broncos Edge the 49ers With One Point

By Dominic Hernandez

 The third week of football has begun and the 49ers started without their starting quarterback, Trey Lance. He broke his ankle the week before against Denver which left their previous starter, Jimmy Garoppolo to be the replacement for the game. 

During the first quarter, the 49ers managed to put points on the board with a touchdown seven minutes in. Jimmy Garoppolo passed for a three-yard touchdown. Soon after, Robbie Gould got a field goal kick in to secure the seven points on the board. Denver wasn’t able to score any points on the board at the time but got plays near our endzone.

In the second quarter, the Broncos only scored a field goal thanks to the 49ers defense. Eleven minutes in, Brandon McManus scored a fifty-five yard field goal, making it seven to three.

During the third quarter the 49ers weren’t able to score points, but the Broncos got two more points on the board. After that it was both teams just scrimmaging to get yardage and points.

In the fourth quarter, both teams were getting really close to each other’s endzones and the 49ers scored a 51 yard field goal thanks to Robbie Gould. The Broncos then managed to score a touchdown from Melvin Gordan by running the ball.

The game ended with the 49ers losing again, and the Denver Broncos winning their second game of the season.

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