10 Ways to Thank Your Friends For Thanksgiving

By Leila Rocha

Thanksgiving is right around the corner therefore it’s the perfect time to think up ways to thank the ones who put a roof over your head. However, you can´t forget to thank your friends who were there for you through high school´s brutal years. Although it isn’t Christmas, gifting them a coupon book will surely leave them feeling appreciated and let them know that you are thankful for their presence. Here are 10 coupons you can include…

10. Pay for their gas. Inflation struck like lightning. It devastated America and left some in excruciating financial pain. So to make your bestie’s day, hand over a few bucks and fuel their tank.

9. Take Instagram pictures with them. There are probably times that you are in no mood for a photo shoot. However, if you are truly thankful for your friend(s), you will put your feelings aside and do what they want to do even if you do not exactly want to. To top it off, you have to act excited while you are doing it. No one wants a grouchy photo buddy.

8. Ask a teacher a question for them. Sometimes you just have those friends that are really shy or find it awkward to talk to teachers when they need help (or they could just be lazy, who knows.) Regardless of the reason, taking your friend’s question to a teacher that you both share can make their day a little brighter.

7. Bring them food. Who doesn’t want food brought to them during school? You´ll get extra friend points if it’s their favorite food. To clarify, you do not have to bring them a feast or have doordash delivered, you just have to let them know that you thought of them and their hunger pains. 

6. Get them out of trouble. You may have a friend that keeps digging deeper and deeper holes for themselves. Do them a favor and chuck them a ladder. Obviously if they are in the type of trouble where the police are involved, they’re on their own regardless of how thankful you are for them. However, if they are in trouble for staying out a little too late, you can at least tell their parents that they weren’t trying to break the rules and made an attempt to rush home on time. 

5. Stay-In Card. If you and your friend are in the type of situation where you want to go out with a group, but they want to stay in and watch a movie. This coupon lets your friend win the argument over what you’re going to do. 

4. Talk to their crush for them. You can be their wingman! You as their friend will know who they have a crush on, so you can get information. For example, “Are you dating anyone?¨ or “What do you think about [insert friends name here].” If your friend gets embarrassed easily, they may have this coupon collecting dust, but at least they will know you are there for them. 

3. Find them a new friend. When they are tired of you, they can cash this coupon in. Branching out can be a great thing for both of you, especially when you just want a break. Also, you’re the one who gave them the coupons so remember not to get mad. 

2. Help them pass a class. This especially comes in handy when you have a friend that plays sports and needs a certain gpa to continue playing. Obviously, this does not mean just doing their work (wink), but you can tutor them, and if you are not good at the subject, you can find them a tutor. 

1. Do-something-crazy card.  In other words, go out (possibly without their or your parent’s permission) and stir up a little trouble (as much as the law allows of course). You may have already noticed that this one actually goes hand in hand with number six. Unfortunately you won’t be the one getting out of trouble though. However, to show your appreciation, throw yourself into the flames (or your parents’ punishment for you, whatever you would like to call it) and toss a bucket of water over your friend. 

This coupon book is just one way to show you are thankful for a friend (or multiple). You can alter them to better fit your friends needs and interests. Anything you can to creatively say “Happy Thanksgiving!”

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