Actor Shelley Duvall Returns in an Upcoming Film

By Lauren Dulatre

After 20 years, The Shining actor Shelley Duvall returns to act in the upcoming movie The Forest Hills.

Duvall became well known in her acting career after the film The Shining was released. Since then, Duvall has been getting more opportunities in acting and has even been nominated for multiple awards.  

It was later revealed that when filming The Shining, the cast and crew treated her poorly. She stated that the director and writer of the film, Stanley Kubrick, has treated her so poorly that her mental health vastly declined and almost drove her to madness that made her quit filming. 

Duvall’s last film Manna From Heaven was released in 2002. After the film’s release, Duvall made the choice and announced that she will be retiring from acting. The reasons are still unknown.

Since then, she has made a few public appearances for interviews on the Hollywood Reporter and Dr. Phil but otherwise she has been left alone.

She surprised the public on October 28, 2022, it was announced, in a trailer, that she will return and act again in a movie that Scott Goldberg wrote and directed. “I’m excited to be back” Duvall happily stated.

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