Bump, Set, Slay: An Interview With A BHS Volleyball Player

By Paige Duane

Benicia High School junior, Jillian Duane has been a member of the school volleyball team for the last three years. Joining the varsity team as a freshman, Duane is looking forward to playing her last season as a senior next year. “Volleyball is something I’m familiar with,” Duane said. “I appreciate the simplicity of it. I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most about it after it’s done.”

Starting volleyball at eight years old, Duane has played on seven teams, not including her time on the high school team. Trying out a variety of positions, she played as a middle, outside hitter, and “whatever else the team needed”, before settling into her current role of right side. As a longtime player of the game, Duane has many happy memories of the team. “I think my favorite memory would have to be blocking the Stanford commit at a game against Campolinda,” Duane revealed. 

Though an avid player, volleyball is far from her only interest. Duane has a variety of hobbies outside of her chosen sport. “If we want to get specific, I have many hobbies. I bowl, roller skate, play water polo and badminton,” said Duane. 

As a student athlete, Jillian strives to do her best on the court and in the classroom. She works hard to keep her grades up as well as contribute to the team. “Balancing volleyball and studying is tricky, but I do my best,” Duane revealed. “The key is time management.”

Duane often looks up to other famous sports players for inspiration. Currently, her sports idol is Kathryn Plummer, a player from California who is a member of the USA Volleyball team. “She is an amazing athlete and team player, ” Duane said.

To conclude the interview, Jillian was asked if she were to put together a volleyball team of BHS staff members who she would pick and for what position. “That’s a tough one. Front middle is Mr. Knight, he has height. I’d want Mr. Fritz as a right side. Mrs. Hudson would be back right, she seems like she would be quick. As a wild card, I would throw Mrs. Thompson in the back row. Shawn the yard duty would have to be the outside hitter, he would be an absolute wall in the front row,” she answered. 

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