What’s At Stake For the 2022 World Cup

By Beau Cline

It’s the 2022 World Cup! Let’s go over what each country has at stake. First and foremost Lionel Messi with Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo with Portugal are looking for their first World Cup title to summit their legacy as the all time GOAT. Argentina looked like the more favorable team to win out of the two teams, seeing that they just won the international UEFA championship. Though Portugal and CR7 will still be fighting to take the title.

You can’t count out Brazil and Neymar Jr. as they are a very favorable team to take the cup. Neymar might be playing in his final World Cup so you know he’ll be trying to secure a win for his team. The former World Cup Champions, France, yet again have a very formidable team with their star forward Kylian Mbappé seeking his second world cup and back to back wins. Another strong team to look out for is England. Leading the team is phenomenal forward Harry Kane in his second world cup appearance. Once again he will be the main captain for team England.

Though the teams aren’t the only thing that’s at stake for the 2022 world cup. Qatar, the host for the World Cup, has spent the last 12 years vigorously upgrading their stadiums, train stations, food options, all for people from around the world to come enjoy this year’s Cup. This hasn’t been a cheap process, they’ve spent roughly $300 billion on all these renovations. Making this by far the most expensive World Cup yet. 

Unfortunately for the fans, Qatar has just announced that they won’t be serving alcohol at any of the 8 stadiums during the games. Budweiser was already expected to be at the main stage supplying the alcohol, but unexpectedly they’ve been told to not serve after making thousands of World Cup themed bottles. Budweiser has since announced that they will send all the bottles made for Qatar to this year’s World Cup Champions!

Qatar removing the alcohol from this year’s World Cup isn’t the only thing that they are cracking down on. Due to Qatar’s strict rules against the LGBTQ+ they have removed the rainbow flag appearing on each team’s captain band, and are confiscating rainbow themed things at the event. However, when Qatar won the World cup bid back in 2010 they said they would be accommodating to LGBTQ+ people. 

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