Christmas Movies to Watch Over The Holidays

By Frankie Dulatre

As the holiday season rolls in, everyone wants to get into the holiday spirit. Most people want to sit back and relax on their couch, have a mug of hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies with friends and family.

Christmas movies have been in production since 1898, the first ever Christmas movie being Santa Claus. In the list, there is going to be a mix of new and old movies, both being classics and new favorites.

The first movie is a duology, Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. These two movies are about a boy named Kevin whose family always leaves him behind when they travel  for their family holiday vacation. When Kevin gets left behind these two criminals, Marv and Harry cause Kevin trouble, and he tries his best to keep the two at bay.

The second movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The movie revolves around a character named the Grinch, who lives right outside of Whoville, where all the Whos live. The Grinch grew up to hate Christmas, and so he decides on one Christmas to torment the people of Whoville. This movie has many versions, both animated and live action.

The third movie is The Polar Express. It’s about an express train that travels around the world to pick up children to go to the North Pole and visit Santa Claus. In the movie, main characters Hero Boy, Hero Girl and Lonely Boy are presented with numerous obstacles and challenges they must overcome. 

The fourth movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie is a mixture of both Halloween and Christmas. The movie is about a skeleton named Jack Skellington, who discovers a door that goes to a land that has Christmas all day long. Living in a world where it’s only Halloween, Jack takes interest in the world and decides to explore and eventually kidnap Santa Claus himself and replaces him with himself.

The last movie is A Christmas Carol. The movie revolves around the main character Ebenezer Scrooge, who hates Christmas and is feared by the people in the town he lives in. He then encounters numerous spirits trying to convince him to enjoy Christmas.

These movies are popular movies, people mostly know and acknowledge them, but there are other Christmas movies out there that you can watch as well.

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