Impact the World in the Impact Club

By Dominic Hernandez

The Impact Club is here to make a difference in our world, starting with different ways to help people get involved in the community. In an interview with the president of the club, Carolina Contreras (12), she provided the reason why she wanted to make a change not only in the school but also including the lives of others. 

“My best friend and I decided to create this club in order to create a positive impact in not just our school but our community as well,” Contreras said. “We wanted to create a safe place for individuals to prosper and make new connections, especially due to the pandemic.”

Contreras further stated that the Impact Club will gladly give the school and community their time. The club dedicates their time to their fellow students and town, but they do not stop there–they give their time to those nationwide. Last year, the club had sent positive cards for victims affected by Hurricane Ian in Florida.

“Some of the ways we give back to the world are by organizing clothing and food drives, making cards for other students and individuals affected by natural disasters, and overall bringing awareness to certain situations and people that most definitely need support.”

Because of this great club, people have been coming as a group to make the club twenty to thirty people strong. Contreras, and fellow Co-President/Founder Kennedy Plummer (12) have been able to make connections with each and every member, making their bond stronger so they can work together on how the club can impact the community  and “be able to guide them down the right path.”

It’s never too late to join the club! If you wanna make an impact in our community and at the BHS campus, just send her an email. There’s so many benefits to getting to know those around you and having a positive impact in your community. 

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