How Stick To Your New Year’ Resolutions in 2023 

By Riley Pult

“New Year, New Me” is something almost everyone says when the new year rolls around. People think of it as a chance to redefine themselves and accomplish goals they might have slacked on in the previous year. New Year’s resolutions have now become a joke, with people only sticking to their resolutions for the first 2 weeks of the new year. 

According to a study done by Statista, the 10 most common resolutions are: 

  1. Exercise More (44%)
  2. Eat Healthier (42%)
  3. Spend More Time with Family/Friends (34%)
  4. Lose Weight (31%)
  5. Live More Economically (30%)
  6. Spend Less Time On Social Media (24%)
  7. Improve My Performance on the Job (23%)
  8. Reduce Stress on the Job (20%)
  9. Quit Smoking (19%)
  10. Cut Down on Alcohol (15%)

This list is pretty expected. And the least surprising part is “exercise more”. Almost everyone will put that somewhere on their resolutions list. These resolutions are basic and often boring. Setting such large and broad goals for yourself often causes people to drop them pretty quickly. People lose motivation quickly and struggle to stay dedicated to their goals. According to UAB Medicine News, less than 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions each year. The same source describes how to stick to your resolutions, even if they are basic. The same things don’t work for everyone but trying some variation of these should help you achieve those goals. Who knows, maybe you could become a part of that 8%. 

How to stick to your resolutions:

  1. Document Your Progress 
  2. Schedule in Time to Achieve Goals
  3. Reward Yourself for Achievements
  4. Ask Others to Hold You Accountable
  5. Use the Buddy System

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