BHS Boys Basketball: What Will this Season Bring?

By Alayna Smith

The holiday season has arrived, and winter sports have finally kicked off. Though they have only played two games so far, the Benicia boys basketball team is determined to prove themselves this season.

While the first game was close, the Panthers pulled through and claimed victory against Moreau for a strong start. From there, they went onto dominate Castlemont with a final score of 83-23, nearly quadrupling the score of their competitors.

The team is confident that this winning streak will be maintained as the season goes on. “The rest of our schedule is relatively easy so I think that we have a good shot at going undefeated or maybe losing only 1 or 2 games in the whole season,” Jacob French, point guard, said during an interview.

If they do manage this feat, they will be the first Benicia boy’s basketball team to make it to state in the school’s history. The Panther’s currently have the highest win-lose ratio of the Diablo Valley league and will likely keep this up. Jacob French claims that this is because of the team’s closeness. “Our core group of guys have been playing together since we were in elementary school. We work very well together and have way more chemistry than the team last year.”

The team has high hopes and high expectations for the season to come. Fall sports haven’t been this year’s strong suit but winter may just be our saving grace. The Benicia Boys Basketball team is redeeming our school’s name.

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