Wednesday Returns!

By Taylor Rice

Wednesday hit the Netflix scene in November 2022, premiering with 8 episodes. The show depicts the story of Wednesday Adams as she attends her first year at Nevermore Academy. She needs to hone her developing psychic abilities, and try and solve the supernatural mystery plaguing her new school and nearby town. It’s a wonderful mix of creepy and coming of age. 

 The stunning series is directed by award winning director Tim Burton, known for his works such as The Nightmare before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. Tim Burton’s unique art style makes itself known throughout the show, and is perfect to bring the feeling of an Adams family universe to life. 

Of course the writing and set designs of the show would mean nothing without good acting, and Jenna Ortega executed her role as Wednesday perfectly. She went above and beyond to get her character just right; developing a walk, creating a posture, going to fencing lessons, and learning how to play the cello. All her hard work paid off, and she truly brought the character of a teenage Wednesday Adams to life. 

Wednesday was a huge success. It surpassed 1.02 billion views within the first week of release and has been streamed in more than 150 million households. Therefore it’s no surprise to anyone that Wednesday was renewed for a second season. While the release date wasn’t announced, we can speculate that the premiere of the second season will most likely happen between 2023 and November 2024. Wednesday is a marvelous show, and we can’t wait to watch how it will develop in the second season.

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