Protesters Halt Germany’s Search for Alternative Fuel

By Beau Cline

Following the Sanctions between Europe and Russia, many countries are in dire search for a new source of energy. After having its natural gas supply cut off  by Russia, stopping their flow of natural gas into Europe because of their heavy reliance on the natural gas provided by Russia’s lines,  Germany has moved their interest back into the coal market to provide fuel this cold winter. In their search for more coal they have stumbled into an abandoned town in North Rhine-Westphalia. 

This abandoned village happens to be home to hundreds of squatters, who set up camps in the abandoned houses and trees. Now that Germany has been forced by Russia to find their own fuel, they have plans to demolish the whole town to make space for more coal mining. This caused outrage among the people living here, since this zone was supposed to be protected for many years to come. The German government has sent out many notices for the inhabitants of this town to pack up their belongings and leave. With this news coming out many protesters have come out to stake up in the ground and to help fight against the huge amount of greenhouse gasses that’ll be emitted from this coal mine. Protesters have even gotten physical, throwing things from rocks to even fireworks. While some of the protesters left voluntarily, others have threatened to not leave. Removing these people would not be an easy task as some have been squatted for up to 2 years building their home. These people are resilient, building new camps in trees and old buildings after their camps get destroyed as they plan to stay until they are forcefully removed.

However The German government has rebutted, saying that this fuel is essential and needed to help ensure the safety and security of the country. Many don’t realize the massive effect that Russia cutting off their natural gas lines has and will continue to have on Europe and the world. The German Government has a tough decision to make between environmental safety of their land and the energy needed for the country. As of now, it looks like they are siding with the removal of the town due to their national fuel shortage.

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