10-Year-Old Girl Asked Police To Prove Santa Claus Is Real By Doing A DNA Test On Cookies

By Hannah Lozada

A police department located in Rhode Island recently received a surprising request: to run a DNA test on remaining evidence left by Santa Claus to prove that his existence is real. According to a press release from Friday, Cumberland police received a handwritten letter from a 10-year-old girl recently this month. 

The little girl requested that the police run a DNA test on the remains of an Oreo cookie and some baby carrots, supposedly consumed by Santa Claus along with his nine reindeer on Christmas Eve. The food remains were brought to the state’s Department of Health-Forensic Sciences Unit for examination. 

The DNA test unfortunately didn’t lead anywhere. It didn’t match anyone in the “Combined DNA Index System” (CODIS) which is typically used to solve cold cases. However, it was confirmed that the consumed carrots and cookies surprisingly contained DNA from actual reindeers.

Matthew J. Benson, Cumberland’s police chief stated that the little girl, “Obviously has a keen sense for truth and the investigative. She did a tremendous job packaging her evidence for submission.” He also promised the little girl that his team would, “Do our very best to provide answers for her.”  

The public recently received shocking photographic evidence about this case from the Cumberland Police Department (CPD). An image captured from December 24, 2022 featured a deer that looked like one of Santa’s Reindeer. This just added more proof to Santa Claus’ existence. The police also stated that they had tracked down someone who resembles Santa Claus and are planning, “to interview him this week or next [week].” 

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