Netflix Is Killing Off Its Shows, And Fans Are Angry

By Comet Zeimer

The streaming service Netflix has recently announced the cancellation of two of its most popular original cartoon shows. Many fans of both shows are demanding that the service renews the shows. The two cartoons, Inside Job and Dead End: Paranormal Park have had enormous success since their premier on the platform and it is leaving a lot of people confused on why Netflix would cancel shows that are so popular.

The first show that was announced to be canceled was Inside Job, created by Shinon Takeuchi. It is an adult animated series that follows the life of Reagan Ridley, Head Of Robotics for the secret government organization, Cognito Inc. The show pokes fun at the many widely believed conspiracy theories about world governments and secret knowledge about reality. Inside Job premiered the first half of its first season in October 2021, and became widely popular all across the service, being one of the top shows to be on the site. Netflix renewed the show for its 2nd Season and put out part 2 of Season 1 in November 2022.

Shortly after the start of the new year, Takeuchi announced that the show would be canceled before it could continue onto its 2nd season. With the first season ending on a massive cliffhanger, many fans are confused and upset on why Netflix would cancel such a popular show. Netflix has not given an official statement on why the show was canceled, but fans suspect it has something to do with relevancy and money. Whatever the reason is, many fans are upset over Netflix’s decision to cancel the show.

Shortly after Inside Job was announced to be axed, Netflix revealed that Dead End: Paranormal Park, created by Hamish Steele, was canceled after it released 2 seasons. Dead End: Paranormal Park follows the story of Barney, a young boy who doesn’t feel like he belongs at home. He decides to attend an interview for a local amusement park and meets Norma, a young girl who is obsessed with the park’s owner, Pauline Phoenix. The two kids quickly realize that the park is inhabited by demons and spirits, and even has its own gateway to hell. And when they realize that there has been a string of missing Pauline impersonators that lead back to the park, they realize there is a bigger mystery hidden among the glam and fun.

What made Dead End so well received by watchers was that the show has a heavy focus on representation for POC, neurodivergent, and LGBTQ+ people. Barney, the main character, is a plus sized, Jewish, gay, Transgender man. Norma is an autistic, Pakistani-American, bisexual girl. Many fans adored seeing this type of representation in a cartoon and the show instantly became a favorite among viewers.

This is not the first time Netflix has canceled incredibly popular cartoons for seemingly no reason. Many suspect that with how much time it takes to make animations, it most likely is a money issue or something to do with site popularity and relevance. Nevertheless, many fans are upset with the site’s recent decisions and are threatening to remove their subscriptions. 

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