Benicia Bridge Removed After Safety Concerns

By Wyatt Cravalho

On January 31, the Benicia pedestrian bridge fell down on Military West. It was mainly used for school crossing, as it was right next to Mary Farmar Elementary School and Benicia High School. Its sudden collapse has caused havoc for many Benicia residents, causing only one path to be available to the school. 

The falling of the bridge heavily impacts kids who go to Mary Farmar, especially kids who walked to school have been forced to find another way to get to school. Parents have been scared, as the quick and easy route has been replaced with a longer and more dangerous route. Because of this, the Benicia Police Department has been more present along Military West to ensure children get to school safely. 

According to Benicia City Manager, Erik Upson, the bridge was hit by a commercial truck. The Benicia Police department confirmed it was hit by a Republic Services truck. Republic Services has taken full responsibility, and will be supported by their own insurance in order to pay. 

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