Rat Poison Found In Taco Bell Meal

By Paige Duane

Last month on January 15th, when a Colorado man ordered a soft taco at Taco Bell, he expected to receive his usual order of a flour tortilla, seasoned beef, lettuce, and cheese. When he was admitted into the hospital later that day with symptoms of nausea and burning sensations, he realized that he had received far more than he had bargained for with his meal. 

Prior to placing his order for the tainted food, the man had argued with employees of the aforementioned Taco Bell over a faulty soda dispenser. Allegedly, he had continued to complain to employees until he was given a free burrito as compensation. 

After he had taken a bite of his taco, the man “felt a burning in his mouth and began to vomit”. After being taken to the hospital, Sheriff’s deputies spotted a “greenish-gray substance”. Further testing identified the mysterious residue as rat poison.

The Colorado Taco Bell responsible for distributing the food is currently under investigation. “At this time it’s labeled as criminal attempt homicide,” said Deputy John Bartmann.

According to Lary Smith, the manager of this Taco Bell, this man has caused problems at the location before, on one occasion even throwing a taco at an employee. When police arrived at the establishment asserting that the restaurant had “poisoned somebody”, she denied the claim. “We don’t carry poison in the restaurant,” she said. “We didn’t do anything like that. It didn’t even add up. It’s ridiculous.”

At this time, no definitive evidence has been discovered linking the crime to employees of this Taco Bell location. 

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