15 Year Old Boy Travels 2,000 Miles in Shipping Container

By Alycia Maciel

A 15 year- old boy was discovered fatigued but unharmed six days after waking up 2,000 miles from where he had started after sleeping in a shipping container. Fahim was in his hometown of Chittagong, Bangladesh where he was playing the game of hide and go seek with his friends. Fahim then entered the port and found an empty shipping container. He stayed inside until he realized he was trapped. 

Fahim was confined in the container after passing out, and sailed with the container ship across the Indian Ocean the following day. He traveled by himself about 2,000 miles without any food, water, or any indication of his location. Nearly a week later, on January 17, he was discovered banging on the container door, calling for help to a staff member. Malaysian port employees and police located him in Port Klang, malnourished, exhausted and dehydrated. 

Once he had been found he was transported to Ampuan Rahimah Hospital for treatment, since being discovered he has been classified as stable.

There were suspicions of human trafficking but have been proven faulty. Fahims family and the Malaysian Government are now working to get him back to Bangladesh. While he may have had some complications surrounding his return to Bangladesh, he is now back and safe with his family.  

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