President Biden Does a Surprise Visit to Ukraine

By Lauren Dulatre


President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to the country of Ukraine for the first time ever since the war began between Ukraine and Russia on February 20, 2023. Biden went to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to demonstrate in personal, dramatic fashion his own commitment to Ukraine and the struggle it is going through as the ongoing war enters an unfamiliar new phase. The visit happened while air raid sirens could still be heard and acknowledged while Biden and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky walked around the gold covered St. Michael’s Cathedral.

Before visiting Ukraine, President Biden was shown multiple options for a visit to Ukraine, but has decided that a trip to the capital, Kyiv, was the most appropriate. The Ukrainian president had also invited Biden to Kyiv months ago, stating it was important for the “U.S leader to see the situation up close”. As Biden was told for over several months on the plans for an eventual visit, the source has claimed that Biden only showed concern about the major risk to visit Ukraine once. Other officials also shared the same concern for the president’s safety and had prepared ahead for a series of contingency security plans. 

The president’s trip was happening in secrecy as a reflection of the very steep security concerns, and reporters say while going abroad they were not allowed to carry their personal devices with them. The public schedule for the president did not reflect any events of the trip and White House officials have repeatedly stated last week that they will not be visiting Ukraine any time soon. A few hours before the president had departed, the United States informed Russia of plans to visit Ukraine for “deconfliction purposes”.

Biden has also announced, in his trip, that there will be a half-billion dollars in upcoming assistance, saying that the package will include new military equipment, such as ammunition, javelins and Howitzers. Biden has added that new sanctions would also be implemented into Moscow later in the week. “One year later, Kyiv stands. And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands,” said President Biden. The United States as well as other Western nations have been speeding up the shipment of arms, tanks and ammunition to Ukraine in their hopes that it will change the trajectory of the war. 

As Biden visits in person, he offered a single image of the American Support for Zelensky, who spent the last year trying to attempt a rally for the world behind his nation and appeal for assistance on greater levels. Biden arrived in the capital around 8 a.m. local time after a very lengthy and covert journey from Washington D.C, he left the country in the early afternoon. “Thank you for coming,” Zelensky said while shaking Biden’s hand. 

“This was a risk that Joe Biden wanted to take,” stated communications director Kate Bedingfield. 

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