2 Robbers Cause $8k In Damages To Vallejo Deli To Steal $50 

By Hannah Lozada

Two thieves robbed the Bedolla family-owned Guanajuato Grill, Deli, and Bakery located at 1652 Fairground Drive in Vallejo, CA.  on the morning of February 8th, 2023 on Wednesday. The thieves robbed $50 from the deli cash register, but their actions caused eight-thousand dollars worth of damage to the deli. Video surveillance from the scene shows one of the thieves smashing a window to allow their accomplice to go inside. The date on the video says Thursday but the robbery occurred on Wednesday. The other thief waited outside while the other one stole the cash register from the deli, which had the aforementioned $50 dollars in it. The robbery was very quick, as it only took minutes. 

Hector Bedolla and Rocio Bedolla, the owners of the establishment, along with other members of their family woke up around 2:15am at their home after their security system sent them an alert from Guanajuato Grill, Deli, and Bakery. Hector Bedolla stated, “We quickly got on the cameras, and we were witnessing that they were breaking into our business.”

The family quickly dialed 9-1-1 and rushed to the deli, but nobody was there. Upon noticing the significant amount of damage done, Hector Bedolla told KRON4, “All for fifty dollars. All for fifty dollars.” It will cost the family $8,000 to repair the damages done to the deli. 

While Rocio Bedolla was being interviewed, she informed KRON4 that, “The window is so expensive, so I have to pay a lot of money for that window.” She continued, stating, “We feel bad because we work together with my family hard. And they just came and broke the window. The window is so expensive, the machine is so expensive, so everything they destroyed is expensive.”

There are security gates that lock at night located at the entrance to prevent robbers from entering the store. However, after this recent robbery, the owners are thinking of purchasing more gates to prevent future robberies. 

Hector Bedolla wants other people in the community to be aware of potential robberies, as several break-ins have been reported in the area. The police are investigating the case, but haven’t made any arrests so far. Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught. 

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