Angel Cakes Bakery Owner Jen Angel Dies After A Brutal Robbery In Oakland

By Hannah Lozada

Jen Angel, the owner of a bakery called “Angel Cakes” died on Thursday, February 9th, 2023, after being injured from being dragged over fifty-feet by a car during a brutal robbery in Downtown Oakland. 

On Monday, February 6th, 2023, in broad daylight, Jen Angel was sitting inside her car that was parked behind a Wells Fargo bank located in Downtown Oakland. Two robbers (unidentified as of right now) approached her car around 12:30 p.m., blocking it in case she planned on escaping. One robber stole her purse after breaking her car window. Then, according to the police, the perpetrators escaped to a nearby getaway vehicle. 

While Angel was following the thief on foot, her clothes got caught in the thieves’ car door. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that she was dragged over fifty-feet and suffered severe injuries to her brain. 

On Thursday night, Angel’s friends wrote a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle regarding Angel’s death. They wrote that she was, “…Medically declared to have lost all brain function… Her official time of death was 5:48 p.m.” They continued, stating that her organs would be donated, “…Her committed medical team has informed [her] family that those organs will serve to lengthen and improve the lives of up to 70 people.” 

Emily Harris, Angel’s friend who is a member of the National Advisory Board for the Prison Creative Arts Project said to the San Francisco Chronicle, “…If the people who cause[d] her harm are sent to jail, all we’re doing is perpetuating more harm.” Harris stated that Angel wouldn’t want to imprison the robbers. 

During the interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Angel’s family and friends stated, “As a long-time social movement activist and anarchist, Jen did not believe in state violence, carceral punishment, or incarceration as an effective or just solution to social violence and inequity.” They all agreed that if the perpetrators are found, they wouldn’t allow them to be imprisoned. 

Angel’s friends wrote to the San Francisco Chronicle, requesting that the media respect their decisions for Angel’s sake, “Don’t use her legacy of care and community to further inflame narratives of fear, hatred, and vengeance.”

Jen Angel founded the bakery, “Angel Cakes” in 2008 baking delicious foods, arranging weddings, and catering events. She also created Aid and Abet – a social justice organization – and published a bi-monthly magazine called Clamor Magazine. 

On Friday, February 10th, 2023, the Oakland Police Department stated that no suspects have been apprehended for the brutal robbery, even though they are known by the police. There is a $10,000 dollar reward for anyone with information about the case. As of right now, the case remains unsolved.

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