February is Black History Month


By Dominic Hernandez

Benicia is a town that has African-American roots. The Benicia Historical Museum honors the anniversaries of the Emancipation Proclamation. The exhibit commemorating the proclamation’s anniversary opened on Sunday at the Benicia Historical Museum and ran through January 2023. In 1850, Benicia had been dated that only six African-Americans were among the population of 480 people. Adam Willis, once suffering under slavery, also became one of the first free African-Americans in the town when he was set free in a Benicia courtroom Sept. 27, 1855. Another black president was former Bear Flag Veteran Joseph McAfee who was a Barber in Benicia. While helping groom hair he also helped free slaves prior to the Civil War.

Black history month is focused on the attention of African Americans to the United States. Honoring all the Black people from all periods of U.S history, from being enslaved in the early 17th century to the Africans to now that live here in the United States.

Black history month started its beginnings in Chicago. In the summer of 1915, Carter G. Woodson traveled from Washington D.C to participate in a national celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of emancipation sponsored by the state of Illinois. Carter G. Woodson is the president of the Association for the Study of American American Life and History.

Black History month was celebrated in Benicia High School with the spirit week provided by the Black Student Union. Monday 6th being “Brotherhood day,” Brotherhood day is to dress up as your friends. Tuesday being “Sneakerhead day,” Wear the cleanest shoes you have. Wednesday is “2000’s day,” Wear clothing styles that were used late 1980-early 2000’s. Thursday “music video day,” You would wear the same outfit that an artist is in the official music video. February 10th Friday “blackout day,” wear all black.

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