MrBeast Gives 1,000 People the Ability to See Again

By Corey Bennett

After a recent video posted by MrBeast titled “1000 Blind People See For The First Time”, causing outrage and accusations against the youtuber. 

Though the photo and the title of this video may lead people to believe that he has found a cure to blindness, this conclusion is completely false. In response to the video MrBeast posted, blind voice actor and Surfer Pete Gustin makes a video explaining the entire video and how it is wrong. “ Because fundraising to cure blindness is still ongoing and those efforts are going to be hampered greatly by the misconception” . 

Though what MrBeast did for these people was amazing, he only actually paid for a surgery that some people need to be able to see again. This is called “Cataract Surgery”. The surgery removes the lens of your eyes and replaces it with a new artificial lens. After MrBeast paid for their surgery he then recorded their reactions to seeing again. After the surgeries, MrBeast interviewed Dr. Jeff Levenson, the doctor who did the procedure , who said “ Half of all blindness in the world can be cured with a ten-minute procedure”.  This video has been viewed 68 million times. 

This surgery sadly, though, only actually helps a small portion of people who suffer from blindness. While other people are not able to get this surgery and are outraged because of this. 

Without funding, research for finding a cure to blindness will eventually come to a halt. Thus leaving thousands out of luck for a way to see again.

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