Proposed Florida Bill Will Ban Dogs From Sticking Their Head Out The Windows of Cars

By Lauren Dulatre

A bill in Florida was just proposed recently on February 21, 2023, stating that it will ban dogs from sticking their head out of car windows. The unnamed bill was passed by Democratic State Senator Lauren Book, and the bill also includes other safety precautions for the canine’s when they are inside a moving vehicle. 

If the bill were to be passed, a dog would not be able to stick any of its body parts out of a moving vehicle’s window. It also includes more limitations to how a dog would be situated in a moving vehicle, saying the dog either needs to be held in a harness, a pet seat belt, or a crate. There is an exception that a dog can be situated on a person’s lap if there are no options available, but the dog must sit on the driver’s lap. 

As the bill will ban dogs from sticking their heads out of windows, it will also ban animal cruelty in products such as cleansers, makeup, hair products, and etc. The bill also bans offenders as a condition on their probations. 

“Although most dogs love to stick their heads out open windows, the wind can seriously irritate mucous membranes and blow pieces of grit or other debris into their eyes. Pets could also be seriously injured by objects as you drive down the road,” stated Book. 

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