Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Laughs in the Face of Critics

Famed for its countless meme-able moments, the Shrek franchise is a long beloved series. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received a new installment of the franchise in eleven years with the release of the first Puss in Boots spinoff, until now with the release of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. 

Some fans were worried the film might turn out to be a cash grab with a lacking plot and unlikable characters; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The entirety of the film is rich with an exceptionally written story, lovable and fun characters, and even diving into deep themes such as anxiety and fear. 

The movie begins with Puss in Boots riding high, at the top of his game, single handedly defeating a giant, before inadvertently dying after being crushed. Awakening in the village doctor’s office, Puss is informed he has used all of his nine lives but one. Insulted by the suggestion by the doctor to retire. Puss leaves the office and orders a drink at a nearby bar where he first encounters a mysterious grey wolf in a dark cloak who appears to be a bounty hunter after Puss. 

The wolf completely humiliates Puss, tossing him around the bar like a ragdoll, outplaying Puss at every turn. Scared for his life for one of the first times in his life, Puss flees the bar in shame and terror. To regain his glory, Puss seeks out the wishing star, a magic relic that will grant the wish of the person who first finds it, in order to gain his lives back. 

On his journey, he must overcome and face his fears, make things right with old friends and new ones, and fight for his life against several main antagonists including: Goldilocks and the Three bears crime family, Big Jack Horner, and the mysterious and terrifying big bad wolf. 

It was truly shocking how well this film was written and meticulously crafted to possess such deep and meaningful themes. Besides being so appealing story-wise, the film is visually stunning with a new style of animation different from the previous Shrek movies and more akin to one of the best modern animated films Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. This is most clearly the case with the fight scenes that feature a similar reduced frame rate style similar to those in Spider-verse. It gives each fight a faster pace and feels more energized, which fits perfectly into the overall style of the film. 

Additionally, the score created by composer Heitor Pereira is done exceptionally well. Each piece perfectly fits their respective scene and makes each moment that much more impactful and emotional.  

Then, of the course, there is no creating a review for this movie without at least mentioning the characters. Each one is lovable and memorable in their own way. Each of their voice actors did marvelously voicing their role. Both the returning cast members such as Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots), and Salma Hayek (Kitty Softpaws), as well as new members like Harvey Guillén (Perrito), Florence Pugh (Goldilocks), John Mulaney (Big Jack Horner), and Wagner Moura (The Wolf), all bring enthusiasm and experience to their characters. 

Overall, I highly recommend seeing a screening of the movie at your local theater or rent it on a streaming platform. With an amazing plot, charming characters, and gorgeous animation, this movie is a must-see! 

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