Joker 2… The Musical 

by Caleb Rippee

In 2019, audiences across the world were shocked, touched, and horrified by the surprisingly realistic and dark portrayal of one of DC’s most beloved characters. Todd Phillips “Joker” received critical acclaim as well as landing Joaquin Phoenix an Academy Award for his terrifying and heartbreaking portrayal of Arthur Fleck. 

The movie affected many people with its themes of mental illness, isolation, depression, loneliness, and trauma. It gave us a glimpse into the darkest parts of the Joker’s mind and showed how society responds to an individual who is different or troubled. 

Recently, a sequel has been announced. But it sounds like the second part of Arthur Fleck’s story will be drastically different from the first. 

With the announcement of the film also came the announcement that it would be a musical. Which (for anyone who has seen the first film) is a drastic change in style. It appears that the tone of this movie will be much different than the first one.

Co-starring in this movie will be none other than Lady Gaga, playing the role of Harley Quinn. An image was published showing her holding the face of Joaquin Phoenix in an intimate looking scene. 

It’s clear that this movie will be focused on the demented relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn. The movie’s title, “Folie á Deux” translates to “folly of two” and is likely referring to the Joker and Harley Quinn

Even though the movie is over 6 months away, it certainly has fans speculating and theorizing what might be in store for this beloved character next. 

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