Atomic Heart: Stunning Retrofuture Masterpiece or Russian Propaganda?

By Caleb Rippee

Retrofuturism and first-person video games are a combination not unlike peanut butter and jelly. Absolutely perfect together when executed correctly. From Fallout to BioShock, retro futuristic games have become quite popular and beloved by game fans for a long time. The most recent incarnation of this game genre has been Atomic Heart, a dazzling, horrific, and controversial game created by Moscow game studio: Mundfish.

The game follows Sergey Nechaev as he navigates a Utopian Soviet city under siege by robots that were formerly used to serve and coexist with humans. His mission is to find the man responsible for turning the robots against humans and uncover the truth. 

The game has been facing some controversy however, as the Ukraine government has requested it be removed from streaming platforms and many players have begun boycotting the game. The reason for this is because of speculation about the company who created the game, Mundfish. 

The Russian company is being accused of having funding from influential Russian media services as well as portraying a glorified Soviet Union (despite the fact that its under siege by robots) 

The situation is still developing so we can only wait and see how Mundfish responds and acts on these accusations. Atomic Heart is undoubtedly one of the biggest games of the year and this will not be the last we hear of it.

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