Third Rio Movie Announced

By Paige Duane

Get ready to rejoin everybody’s favorite cast of tropical birds in their next adventure in the titular location, Rio, in the third installment of the Rio franchise. After a nine-year hiatus, the blue macaws return to the big screen. The release date has not yet been announced, but Walt Disney Pictures will be distributing it. It will be directed by Carlos Saldanha and have a screenplay written by Jenny Bicks and Yoni Brenner.

As of now, little information is known about the plot of the movie. According to Director Carlos Saldanha, he has “so many ideas” and “many stories to tell” about the family of blue macaws. 

Most likely, the story will be a continuation of the previous movies in the franchise. Jesse Eisenburgh and Anne Hathaway will be reprising their roles of Blue and Jewel. Additional cast members who will return for the third movie have not been confirmed at this time.

It is not yet known if Rio 3 will have a theatrical release. It will likely be available for viewing on Disney+. One thing is for sure, Rio movie fanatics everywhere are thrilled to reenter the vibrant world depicted within these films. 

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