United Airlines New Seating Arrangements for Families

By Dominic Hernandez

United Airlines has been working on a new map layout for families with children that are the ages 12 and under for free. The technology will look at the seating map and will find seating adjacent to the time of seats being booked and are open for upgrades to other open seats as are wanted. 

The airlines will also allow flights for free to the same destination. If customers want to have side-by-side seats they can switch to another flight. Customers can be in the same cabin and have adjacent seats.

CEO of United Airlines Scott Kirby recognized frustrations from families. In an interview with CNBC.

“As a father of seven, I understand this and have sat away from our kids on many flights,” Kirby said. “It will relieve a lot of the stress of having to find a seat with your child on the plane. So you book your ticket,you know you have a seat, instead of having to wait to get to the airport and crossing your fingers and hope that you could get a seat [next to your child],” he stated.

This will change the amount of families traveling and be comfortable knowing that they will have their children beside them rather than checking on them on the plane every couple minutes. The amount of plane tickets for this airline will sky rocket for being the only airline adding the seating system.

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