US and China’s Tensions: How Did it Start and is it Going to Escalate Further?

By Lauren Dulatre

For decades, there has been a major tension between China and the US, and it is starting to escalate further. This is due to China wanting to aid Russia during the Russian-Ukrainian war, while the US is aiding and supporting Ukraine. So far, conflict between the two countries is possible, but not an inevitable cause. 

The tension between the countries started when China’s Republic Party, or People’s Republic of China stated that they oppose the idea of Taiwan being their own independent country and having their own government. They instead wanted to have Taiwan merge with China. The United States then caught on with China’s ideas, and became allies with Taiwan to help  defend them from future invasions. Obviously, since China sees the US as something in their way and as a threat,  the two countries’ tension then began to grow. 

While the Russian-Ukrainian War continues, there is also another problem China and the US have with each other and it is over a dispute with ownership in the South China Sea. China claims that the South China Sea is their territory and no other country is allowed to cross over it, or use it for transportation. The US claims that it should become an international waterway in order to give rights to the country’s warships and aircraft to perform operations in that area of water. This dispute over the South China Sea, only complicates matters and increases the tensions. 

Just recently in February, a ‘Chinese Spy Air Balloon’ was spotted flying over the state of South Carolina and was later shot down in the same state. When news about the balloon being seen and shot down reached China, the Chinese government immediately blamed the US for ‘indiscriminate use of force’. As soon as the Chinese government gave out their statement, the US government immediately clapped back. “I don’t want a damn balloon going across the United States when we could potentially have taken it down over the Aleutian Islands. I got a problem with a Chinese balloon flying over my state, much less the rest of the country.” stated Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Hemispheric Affairs Melissa Dalton and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Jedidiah Royal.

The tensions and problems between China and the United States does not seem like it will be stopping anytime soon, but considering what is happening, there is a question people need to consider. Will the tension between China and the US eventually snap and spark war, possibly a nuclear one?

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