The Most Prominent Albums of 2023 So Far

by Staff

It feels as though the new year has already begun, yet there’s already an ocean of new music for us to enjoy. Let’s dive in and talk about the numerous incredible albums that have come out this year, genre by genre!

Starting off with the world of rock music, the Smashing Pumpkins released Act 2 of their rock opera Atum on January 31st. The final act is set to release on April 23rd. According to the band’s lead singer, guitarist, and lead songwriter Billy Corgan, Atum will serve as a sequel to the band’s previous albums Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Machina/The Machines of God. So far, the reception of acts one and two of Atum has been positive. 

Also in the world of rock, band Pierce the Veil released studio album The Jaws of Life on February 10th. This was their first album in seven years, as well as their first album without Mike Fuentes as their drummer after he was accused of sexual misconduct and was kicked out by the remaining members of the band. The Jaws of Life was received positively by critics and Pierce the Veil fans are in a frenzy.

Moving on to the world of hip hop, Lil Yachty released his fifth studio album, Let’s Start Here, on January 27th. His fans immediately fell in love with it, and people who aren’t necessarily fans of him also gave him kudos for making a solid album. The general consensus was that while the album wasn’t anything spectacular in the grand scheme of things, it’s impressive how Lil Yachty stepped outside of his comfort zone and made a surprisingly good album.

Now moving on to country, Morgan Wallen released his third studio album March 3rd. The album is called One Thing At A Time and while it was received by critics with mixed reviews, Morgan Wallen fans appreciated it for his experimentation with his style, while also keeping it consistent with what he’s known for.

Now onto pop music, singer P!nk released Trustfall, her first studio album since 2019. The album was received decently by most people, and it was appreciated by fans for its themes of positive nihilism and searching for happiness. 

To conclude, so far this year is arguably off to a slow start with its albums. However, that by no means is a sign that the rest of the year won’t be incredibly exciting and provide us with some amazing music. So let’s hope for an amazing year in music for 2023!

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