Wellness at Work: A Glimpse into the BHS Wellness Center

By Alayna Smith

In schools everywhere, students are prone to a variety of negative emotions and situations throughout the day that leave them in need of support that they often are unable to receive. To combat this, the Benicia Unified School District has opened up wellness centers in all of the local schools, including BHS.

The Wellness Center is a great place to go to when a student is feeling stressed, tired, sad, angry, or any other way that might interfere with their learning. “We work with any sort of dysregulation that a student may experience, from severe anxiety to mild discomfort,” stated wellness center director, Ms. Lynn. “Students often come in if they need to talk as well, whether it be about relationships, friend group issues, or things going on in their home life.”

Recently, the wellness center has also begun hosting various events encouraging relaxation during access that students can sign up for. The activities differ every week and so far include art classes, yoga, meditation, mindfulness guided by an instructor, and bi-weekly visits from service dogs. These classes are a great alternative to an access period that would otherwise be spent procrastinating or creating more stress built up on students.

Before students had access to the wellness center they would often call home or leave for the remainder of the day but with a place to relax and wind down, students have the opportunity to try to settle down before going back to class. Having this kind of support accessible  in school allows students to feel more comfortable while on campus and increases attendance and motivation. 

The wellness center is open nearly every day during school from 8:00am – 3:30pm in room A- and is accessible to all students. If a student needs a break, all they have to do is ask their teacher for a pass and they can stay for 15-20 minutes doing calming activities or talking to Ms. Lynn. 

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