Where Are BHS Students Going For Spring Break?

by Caleb Rippee

Despite the occasional rainy day, it seems that winter is coming to a close and spring is right around the corner. Just in time for Spring Break, a glorious week off from school and also the last long break of the year. So what exactly are the students of BHS planning on doing for this time? Well let’s find out! And if you weren’t sure what to do for Spring Break, maybe this will give you some ideas.

We asked several students what their plans were for Spring Break and got a diverse array of answers from them. All answers are anonymous.

Q: “Are you planning on going anywhere for Spring Break? If so, where?”

A: “I’m probably gonna just go to the mall here and there and maybe just hang out with friends for a good majority of it¨ 

A: “I might ask my mom if we can go to tour UC Davis”

Q: “Where is your favorite place to go for Spring Break?”

A: “I think that um, like many people can agree, I think that the best place you can go is uh, Dave N Busters”

A: “If I could pick any place, I would probably go to Disneyland”

A: “Maybe the lake or the beach or just somewhere chill”

Q: “If you had to choose one celebrity to vacation with on spring break, who would it be?”

“Nicki Minaj”

“Andrew Garfield!”

“Probably The Rock”

Q: “What’s your favorite music to listen to during spring break?”

A: “Um, I think, as you know, I love listening to a lot of metal.”

A: “Probably some really mellow music, like Cavetown”

A: “I really like Bob Marley, I think that’s what I usually listen to when I’m on vacation”

Q: “What movies have the best Spring Break vibes?”

A; “I would have to go with that one Easter Bunny movie.”

Q: “Hop?”

A: “Yeah”

A: “I don’t know why but Ferris Bueller’s Day Off kinda gives me Spring Break vibes”

A: “Sandlot kinda fits the summer or spring break mood I think”

There’s lots of fun ideas for Spring Break, hopefully these inspired you or got you excited for the upcoming week off!

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